Live Art/Performance Art

Hirethia (a welsh word meaning longing for home). 1995 to 1998

Culminative photo series in collaboration with Nick Parkin.

Limited edition black and white prints. Hand printed silver gelantin prints by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie
Exploring photography as performative, photography as document of private acts.

In 1995 I discovered a ruined house in Wales, once belonging to a spinster, now deceased.. she now lives through me.. welcomes me with hands of red reivers. And the house exists in a space without fixed dimensions.

I am guided by an ancient angel, her name removed from my navel.
We shed wings and exchange skins, to recover our nakedness, remebering our lives in the waters before our exile into the skies..

the dream of the house sleeps within my dream, entwinded by a caress of flesh with stone.. dust hovers in dark waters.. my body moving in shadows, my body becoming shaodw, transforming resonances, histories, time and exisiting in the different planes of memory and dream. I give birth to many selves ..

 Selves that are private, interior, secret
an eye, small and round and black,

Selves limitless, fluid and unbound,
milk streams into the night

she whispers from skinned walls her longings. we embrace with silent gestures and the angel is returned to her name ....

mgr 1995

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